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Hey there, I built a opamp RIAA preamp during xmass holiday, I hooked that to the spectrum analyzer to watch harmonics and frequency response. While searching for schematics i ran into a lot of designs using these 2SK170 Fets, all based on the same schematic though.

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2SK170. Others. Semiconductor Master Cross Reference Guide. Scan. PDF. 2SK170. Others. Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Abstract: 2sk170 ultra low idss LSK170 Toshiba 2SK170 2SK170 to92 low noise low frequency JFET frequency guitar audio mixer IF4500 Text...

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Hopefully someone will chime in with an equivalent substitute.-Frank Nov 29, 2011 #5. Steveaux Safe-Guardian of the Stoopid. ... namely my favorite 2SK170’s ...

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2SK170 transistor TO-92 'UK Company since 1983 nikko' UK stock. 2SK170GR Transistor - CASE: TO92 MAKE: Toshiba.

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Jan 16, 2013 · Just substitute the first tube with a low-noise JFET cascode using a 2SK170 and the second stage with whatever you fancy. Job done!

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2sk170 r603 10k q701 stk4024v r628 47k c603 0.015 q601 (1/2) qeor njm78m15a r632 100k r629 47k r630 47k r631 100k c627 i /50v 0602 q802 njm79m15a qnoi ta7317p qn02,qn03 2sa1175 qn04,qn05 qx02,qx03 2sc2785 qn06 qnto 2sc2878(a) c612 0.015 0602 (2/2) 6.0rnv —15.2v r613 lek r614 6.8k qxot njm4558dd c617 10/50v d601,d602 is1555 c620 027 4700p r619 The LSK170 series is a pin for pin replacement of the Toshiba 2SK170 and improved functional replacement for the Interfet IF1320, IF1330, IF1331, and IF4500. Superior Performance, Domestic Source The LSK170 is specifically designed for low noise, high input impedance applications within the audio, instrumentation, medical and sensors markets.

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