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4L60E 3-4 Clutch ZPak Installation | RZP-001. 1. Use a 1988 or later input drum, identified by narrow snap ring groove and a 0.093" 3-4 snap ring. Failure to do so may cause incorrect end play reading. GPZ Friction Clutch Pack Module with 3-5 Reverse Z Pak® and 4-5-6 Z Pak®.

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May 06, 2012 · Common failures on 4L60E, problems any possible repair Problem Symptoms Possible repair Slow, slipping or no reverse “lo-reverse” clutches are worn out, fluid leak in the reverse apply circuit, or broken sunshell.. May also have worn boost valve.

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If you have any difficulties or problems when installing any ATI units, please feel free to call us for information and advice. You have an investment to protect, so don't take any chances if you are in doubt. Drive your car in second gear! There is a band holding the drum or clutch applied. In low gear, the sprag must release each

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Pump. 'C' Clutch Sprag/Band 'B' Clutch. Turbine Shaft 'A' Clutch. 4HP N.L. N.I. Bushing - Pump - Eagle Premier - 4HP Up 76001A N.L. METAL CLAD SEALS 60A,F Pump (Bell Housing) N.L. 63F Axle - Left - Transverse - 4HP B N.L. 68F Axle - Right - Transverse - 4HP A N.L. 70F Manual Lever - All...Ignition system failures give the same symptoms-hard starting, erratic idle, high sped mistiring-as carburetor problems, and they do so more frequently. Onceyou havedecidedthat the carburetor is at fault, check the fuel.

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Here’s a Harley Davidson starter issue that can have a simple solution. We talked about the electrical circuits on our motorcycles and this is a good example of how the mechanical component might not be working even if the electrical component is. The starter sprag clutch is an easy fix and we show you how it’s done.

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Motorcycle Sprag Clutch Failure Explanation. Mech Auto Clinic. In this video, we explain the process of changing a starter clutch (sometimes called a Sprag or Tapered Roller Clutch) in a Ducati ...

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