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edit: i think the rocker arm battle is over since i did a headswap. will find out tomorrow because after i put it all back together i found out the batt was dead so I have a 95 prelude with f22b motor and im changing the lower spark plug seals and just checking the torque spec on the 10mm heads and the 12 mm heads on...

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Feb 15, 2018 · LSA Performance Specifications; Compression Ratio: 9.1:1: Horsepower Rating: 556-580 hp @ 6,300 rpm: Torque Rating: 551-556 ft./lbs.

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a) Bolt-down/pedastal mount/rail-type rocker arms, such as what most Fords use, late model Dodge "Magnum" engines utilize, and a few other GM engines have run. These rocker arms bolt down to a specific torque measure and are aligned via a channel in the "pedastal" that they bolt down to.

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The OP had torque specs that were the same for both the tension arm and the lower control arm. The Bentley manual actually shows two sets of torque specs for the control arm.

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Feb 10, 2001 · Magnum cam specs: Jhnybgd: Performance Talk: 2: 02-10-2005 07:21 PM: Magnum 360 cam specs: ramcharger_440: Performance Talk: 0: 04-22-2004 03:46 PM: 318 Magnum Rocker Arm torque specs? ANDE2000: Dakota Truck Forum: 2: 08-05-2002 10:25 PM: Looking for 5.9 Magnum Engine Specs: QUADDAK: Performance Talk: 0: 02-09-2001 06:11 PM: 5.9 Magnum ...

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Rocker arm assemble bolt tightening sequence and torque specifications and components - V tec engine 4 cylinder, 2000 and valve spring retainers and seals replacement. Here are the torque specs (BELOW) for the camshaft and a video on how to use a torque wrench correctly .General Specifications (Continued) Torque Specifications — Torque Specifications Item Specification Piston pin length 65.073-65.327 mm (2.5619-2.5719 in) Piston pin-to-piston fit 0.013-0.022 mm (0.0005-0.0009 in) Connecting rod-to-pin clearance — Connecting rod pin bore diameter — Connecting rod length (center to center) 176 mm (6.929 in)

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