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May 16, 2017 · I’m an engineer, not an artist. But recently I jumped head first into the world of pixel art specifically for creating assets from scratch for small game projects. And trust me, if I can do it ...

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Click the ⊞ button to add a texture, choosing the tile set from above. Then click “New Autotile” and drag to select the whole image. You will probably need to enable snap and adjust the options. The tiles in this tilest are 64x64 and have a 10 pixel separation.

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The tileset of a given map can refer up to 1024 tiles: more than a tile base can be referred to by a map base. Therefore in 256-color mode, there can be up to 4 tile bases per map base (1024/256), whereas in 16-color mode there can be up to 2 tile bases per map base (1024/512). Map bases always have 32×32 tile entries.

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Jump to Contents. Gigalomania is an open source 2D Real Time Strategy god game, available for all popular desktop and mobile platforms, on PCs, tablets and phones.

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64x64 4-Color GTA-like tileset + menu assets! This tileset was created in Pyxel Edit (A $9 Pixel art program still in Beta) and includes the original.Pyxel files for all the things as well as.pngs! has 30 files in it including the original.Pyxel files: 2 different tilesets, both with and without 1px padding between tiles.

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