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Mar 23, 2017 · Rather than do the usual champ with a 12ax7 or 2 6av6 I decided to do a 5c1 since I had some smaller 7pin pentodes. I had done the 1/3 watt with the 6au6 preamp and poweramp so I used the preamp section and tied it to the 6aq5 power amp. Here is the schematic. I have made changes to the power dropping resistors to get voltages more when I want them

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In this case we will assume the design is for a high-gain lead guitar amplifier where we want to roll off some bass. For a cut-off frequency of 300Hz we can rearrange the above formula: Ck = 1 / (2 pi f Rk) = 1 / (2 pi × 300 × 680) = 780nF The nearest standard is 820nF, but this is the sort of thing that would be tweaked by ear in practice.

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Nov 16, 2015 · The 12AT7 (actually I prefer the 6201 or 5965) is an EXCELLENT driver in this design. This is the circuit I built for most of my kids and friends. In my opinion, the only driver that can eclipse this performance is another pentode. Either the 6AU6, D3a, or E80F, none of which can be simplified enough for "Corey" to just plug into the circuit ...

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Stereophonic Preamplifier-Tuner Tubes: 6DS4, 2-12AT7, 6AB4, 3-6AU6, 6CS6, 6HU6/EM87, 6D10, 3-6U8, 12AU7, 3-12AX7, solid state power supply. Year: 1962-1969 Some years ago I bought a Mcintosh MC 240 power amplifier that you can see in this website. After some years of waiting and patience (very important for this hobby) I have bought a partner ...

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Comparison of two difference tube 6au6 GE vs 6136 slyvania on DIY Preamp project of Diysmileaudio Thailand System detail: Preamp : 6au6 circuit Amplifier : D...

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I have three 1960's Custom Kraft tube amps. I love all of them but one of my favorites, a Model 400T came with a 6AU6 in the preamp and one in the trem socket. I've been in touch with Terry Dobbs (Mr. Valco) who doesn't recall preamps being 6AU6 from Valco ever but he stated that there were so many jobbers, it would be hard to say 100%. Kaneda Preamp Preamplifier. Schematic by Mr Kaneda published in "L'Audiophile". Power Supply. Back to top

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