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LIEFERUMFANG: Eine Original Automatikgetriebeölwanne/Filter + Mechatroniksteckhülse für BMW; passend für BMW ZF 8HP45Z Automatikgetriebe; OE-NUMMERN / VERGLEICHS-NR*: 24 11 7 613 253, 7 613 253, 24117613253, 7613253, 24 11 7 604 960, 7 604 960, 24117604960, 7604960, 24 11 7 624 192, 7 624 192, 24117624192, 7624192, 24 11 8 612 901, 8 612 901, 24118612901, 8612901

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6HP26 E Clutch failure. Issue: wear out of the 6HP26 clutches, which are key in power transfer from one gear to the next. Friction material used in the clutches is important for grabbing. Improper maintenance or reckless driving will wear them out prematurely. The common 6HP26 clutch failure symptoms are as follows: Clutch slipping, Delays in ...

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So you are thinking of buying an LR3? Well you might want to read this post. I get asked a lot about different types of cars and if they are good to buy or not, what are some common issues, pros and cons.

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Please don’t put a ‘one-oil-suits-all’ fluid in your 6HP26. The bottle will probably say on it “recommended for…” followed by a whole list of just about every transmission under the sun (including many Dexron ones). The people doing the recommending are the fluid manufacturer (well they would wouldn’t they) and definitely not ZF.

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ZF AL551 4.0TFSI - 20000р. ZF 6hp19 - 16000р. ZF 6hp26 RS6 - 20000р.

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I'm not finding a lot yet on the specifics of this new transmission and what sort of horsepower and toque limits it might have. I think the B58 variant going in the new Supra will be a solid motor but I'm not finding the same wealth of information on the transmission but maybe someone here...

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