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When teaching basic addition, I use magnetic counters that can be used on the whiteboard to illustrate a problem (i.e., 2+5=7). Students use two-sided counting chips to solve another similar problem at the carpet. When teaching counting or identifying numbers to 100, I use a large 100’s chart and a pointer.

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Step 2. Immerse yourself. Build your ability to actually understand a new language in real-world contexts. With thousands of naturally-voiced audio and video clips you’ll watch, listen and learn from real locals - no computerised audio here!

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Students build their own small-scale model roller coasters using pipe insulation and marbles, and then analyze them using physics principles learned in the associated lesson. They examine conversions between kinetic and potential energy and frictional effects to design roller coasters that are completely driven by gravity. A class competition using different marbles types to represent ...

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similarity transformations, proves theorems involving similarity. Analyzes and understands similarity in terms of similarity transformations, proves theorems involving similarity. Mathematical Literacy: The ability to read, listen, think creatively, and communicate.

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è N 7 8 L è N 6 D where π= 3.14, r = radius, and h = height where r=radius, v = volume where r= radius, v=volume, h = height FORMULAS/EQUATIONS Distance between two points @ L ¥2 F1 ; 6 E : U2 F U1 ; 6where (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) are two points on a coordinate plane Slope of a line Quadratic Equation Standard Equation of a circle Quadratic ...

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The Daily 5 is all about the structure teachers put in place so children are engaged in meaningful literacy activities, allowing teachers to work with individuals and small groups.

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