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Translation subject: Energy Industry. Electrical generator (3-phase). Электрогенератор; Электромашинный генератор. The steam passes through a manifold in the roof of the drum into the pendant superheater (19) where its pressure and temperature increase rapidly to around 200 bar...

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Chemical Energy: Energy stored in chemical bonds of molecules. Conduction: This is heat or electrical transfer by contact. Density: This is a measure of mass per unit volume. Electrical Energy: Energy created by the flow of electrons through a conductor. Energy: The capacity for doing work. It may be transformed from one form to another. Gas

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Take energy away from water by cooling it and its vibration slows down until it becomes solid matter-- ICE! If you add heat to ice, you speed up its vibration and it changes form back into liquid water. If you continue to add heat energy and increase the vibration of the water it will boil, turn into steam and disappear. But wait!

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Thermal energy is the energy that is generated and measured by heat. ... a great deal of magnetic energy is converted into the thermal energy of the plasma ...

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I have seen such things since 2000, I believe. I see heat wave “energy” in areas that are brightly illuminated. There is movement and if you hold out your hand (especially your left) you might see movement towards you. It has a strange feel to it. Somewhere between spider webs and silk. I should back up and tell THE story.

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