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BCIT SOT Unity Web Transmission. This Unity Web transmission application is an essential part of the School of Transportation’s automotive service educational program (ASEP). The 3D assets of this particular transmission were custom-developed with the collaboration of instructors in the ASEP program.

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Unity 5.2 has introduced a bunch of methods for setting data using lists: mesh.SetVertices(), mesh.SetTriangles().. etc that can take Lists as an input. While this may look like a redundant feature at first, and you must surely be thinking (as I did initially) that it converts to an array internally, it actually was introduced for the very ...

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Unity Mobile Game Tutorial, for the GLIDE project. We create some flying control for our player, after this episode we will finally be ... Adding wings to aircraft. Now available on the Unity Asset Store.

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Unity wall art for home and office decor. Discover canvas art prints, photos, mural, big canvas art and framed wall art in's varied collections.

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The halogen lamp features a maximum candle power of 100,000 with a 5-degree vertical beam spread and a 7-degree horizontal beam spread. With a screw terminal base, this sealed beam aircraft lamp is designed to withstand extreme climatic and vibration conditions, which can result in short life expectancy and frequent lamp changing.

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Explosion rocks Yemen's Aden airport. According to reports at least 2 explosion and gunfire heard as cabinet members will leaving the aircraft. At least 26 people dead and dozens injured in the ...

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