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American Studies America the Story of US Name:_____ Mr. Simpson Episode 1: Rebels Date: _____ 1. May 1610, John Rolfe is an English farmer that crosses the Atlantic in _____months, today it takes _____ hours. 3.

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There was a human cost to this exciting story of financial ingenuity. That year, 1889, records of the Interstate Commerce Commission showed that 22,000 railroad workers were killed or injured. In 1895 the gold reserve of the United States was depleted, while twenty-six New York City banks had $129 million in gold in their vaults.

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Episode 4: "Division" America: The Story of Us Directions: Answer questions and record 2-3 quotes on the back. 1. The is the largest construction job in North America is the past 400 years. How long did it take to build the Erie Canal? How many lives were lost? What word was invented in 1840? is cotton's nickname?

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America the Story of US Episode 1 Worksheet, Test, Puzzle BUNDLE: Rebels. Worksheet with 50 multiple-choice questions, "big picture" test with 10 multiple-choice questions, plus a fun crossword puzzle set differentiated into advanced and basic levels to help you meet all student needs!

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I have used this documentary with my 7th and 8th grade US history classes for years. I lost my original copy and bought a replacement. Pros: It's clearly explained, it's organized into 10-15 minute segments (perfect length for in-class viewing), and the historical reenactments help the viewers who are not too familiar with the historical period to picture what is going on (this is something my ...A riveting account of how America was invented, America The Story of Us focuses on the people, ideas and events that built our nation, covering 400 years of American history in the most extensive and in-depth television series ever produced by History.

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