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- [Instructor] In this video,…I'll talk about Azure runbooks.…Microsoft Azure is a Cloud based platform,…and in it we can work with system center Orchestrator.…For instance, we can install system center Orchestrator…roles that run on Azure virtual machines,…so it doesn't have to run in a virtual machine…on premises, nor does Orchestrator have to run…on a physical machine ...

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Feb 19, 2016 · In order to connect to a Virtual Machine that uses a self-signed certificate, we need to download and install it to the Azure Automation Instance that executes our runbook. Failure to do so, forces us to use the -SkipCACheck PowerShell session option that leaves us vulnerable to a man in the middle attack. The Challenge

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function Get-AzurePowershellModule { [cmdletbinding()] Param( [switch]$ShowVersion, [switch]$Install, [string]$Path=$null ) BEGIN { If ($ShowVersion.IsPresent) { $Modules = Get-Module -ListAvailable $InstalledVersion = ($Modules | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq "Azure"}).Version.ToString() Write-Output "Installed: $InstalledVersion" } } PROCESS { Try { $WebSite = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "https://github.com/Azure/azure-sdk-tools/releases/latest" -Method Get -TimeoutSec 30 } Catch { Throw "Failed to ...

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Sep 13, 2013 · Summary: Use community-based cmdlets to list available runbooks in Orchestrator.. How can I list the runbooks in Orchestrator by using Windows PowerShell? Leverage the Orchestrator Web Service PowerShell Cmdlets from CodePlex, and use the following new cmdlets: Azure Runbooks are usually run in the cloud (on an automatically assigned ‘Microsoft’ host) or on a Hybrid Worker Group. Hybrid Worker Groups consist of 1 or more machines, but there are also ‘System hybrid workers’, which are machines monitored by OMS. If you want to execute a Powershell script directly on a specific System hybrid worker, or on a specific group member of a worker group, you can use Powershell and specify the host instead of the group:

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Runbooks in Azure Automation are based on Windows PowerShell or Windows PowerShell Workflow. We can code and implement the logic that we want to automate using PowerShell. Once the runbook has been created and the implementation logic is added to it, we can invoke and run it from the client applications by issuing a POST request using Webhook.

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PowerShell-Workflow-Runbooks Aus dem Kurs: Microsoft Azure: Automatisierung Jetzt einen Monat gratis testen Diesen Kurs kaufen (49,99 USD *) Übersicht ...

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