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Aug 20, 2015 · Efficient Portable Ground Mounted Vertical Antenna for 40 Meters August 20, 2015 September 1, 2015 raycharlesring RF I like to work QRP CW and exclusively use home brew portable equipment.

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My 80 m short vertical antennas with base-loading are described on this page. Page update of 7 August 2019 Over several decades, Barry Booth (W9UCW) and a group of fellow hams, have done an incredible amount of well-documented and systematic, repeated tests to assess the performance of various configurations and installations of short , loaded ...

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AS-2259/GR military antenna Portable design based on lightweight metal mast that is a 50 ohm coax There are 4 antenna elements that are also used as guy lines to support the antenna The elements are 24‘ 10” and the long elements are 36‘ 10” A short and a long element are connected to the outer (ground) side of the mast/coax

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In 2005 I made a short, vertical DX antenna effective for the whole HF band and presented it at Zagreb Radio Fest, in September 2005. It is well known that vertical antenna is suitable for DX work because of low angle radiates, so that kind of construction have been chosen. Antenna had shown very good results at all HF bands during one year of ...

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Here are the reviews of the Best Vertical HF Antenna. The products come with lower SWR and are durable with multiple band ... A race against the clock to erect a portable antenna for HF. Can it be done in under 3 minutes? In this game simple is often best.

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Jul 01, 2017 · The antenna is resonant and a good match for 50-ohm cable; it can be easily adjusted for the best match to eliminate the need for extra tuning devices, like shunt inductors. The antenna is lightweight, and can be quickly deployed for portable operation, when adequate supports are available.

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