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Powerleveling Guide for Toram Online 2018 in HD! Step by Step Guide: 1. Choose the class you would like to play with. 2. (This one is recommended, but not a must do) Use my first money making method and get a proper gear The Method: If this Method should n...

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Build Tank 1H Shield 220! (Low budget) | Toram Online by FangRaid Mhamang Nasgor ‧ 03 Desember 2020 (12:29 WIB) ‧ 10. ... BUILD MAGE LEVEL 215 NO BUDGET - TORAM ONLINE by Sorata. 28 November 2020 (14:23 WIB) ‧ 24 . Khusus Buat yang belom tau cara Nangkep Pet Potum konser - Toram online by Mbah Balu ...

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Toram Online – Build Meta Knuckle Lvl 205, Impression Attack (Blaster Hope) Hi all, sorry i f late video, my PC get some trouble :( today ill share to you my meta knuckle build lvl 205. i alread... Non Category

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Character Builds. Guild Info. Contact Us. More ©2016 by Toram Online's Infinite Flame Guild. This is not the official Toram Online page, we are in no way apart of ... toram online new update 26 nov 2020 main quest boss arachnidemon mini boss espectro yusagi Toram Online Tank Pet Build 2 The Skills Name: Toram online - lvling skill pet how reach lvl 10 - yusagi.mp3

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Compared to Iruna Online it's just difficult to build up certain "Classes" here in Toram Online, like Paladin (DEX 256, VIT max, INT max for Tank Hybrid or STR max for Damager build - that's above 256 with Apostolia/Stat Release - or Assassin (INT max, STR max, VIT 30 (optionally), DEX 140 (or less if equipment gives -Skill Delay of X seconds ...

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Naturally as a luck build, you have low int. With int build, this puts you into high enough int power to 1-2 shot NC, with full luck, and have another 2% drops from xtals. These xtals are cheap, all listed averaging 50-60k. If you have 2 slot equips, feel free to ask about them. Boss Farmer. Add: Mining Bag (Grand Pojo)Toram Online - Toram Online is a free to play Japanese fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices with sandbox gameplay and a skill-based, classless character advancement system. Create a character and build them however you like; you may choose which skills to learn, and which ones to train and advance!

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