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In or around August of 2014 my brakes began a very loud squealing after car had sat for a period of time. Dealer mechanic said there is nothing wrong with brakes and it is just the nature of the car.

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Walmart said they would reimburse for any damages after an oil change disaster on my 2015 Camry. I drove 55 miles today after the oil change and noticed a grinding and squeaking noise the last mile or 2 driving home. Is the engine potentially severely damaged? It’s being towed to a dealer right now

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Squealing from the engine bay probably comes from a worn out belt. It could be a drive belt or serpentine belt. When rubber belts start to wear out, they slip and slide. This makes a squeaking or squealing sound. Ever notice how your tires screech and squeal when they lose grip? It’s the same thing with your car’s belts.

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Dec 09, 2015 · If you notice the light after an oil change, something else is wrong. Your mechanic has the necessary parts to run tests and get to the bottom of what’s wrong. Five of the most common things we see from check engine lights are: 1. The Oxygen Sensor Needs to be Replaced. Your oxygen sensor makes sure your car is burning fuel efficiently. 2) I noticed after driving it around a bit that the squeaking sound turned constant and also started after the car was running for a bit, but the tensioner wasn't bouncing at all (see video: 2) Constant Squeaking Sound.MOV). 3) Next, after about 50 miles, I noticed the tensioner was bouncing again.

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Immediately after refilling the oil you can sometimes briefly (few seconds) get some knock noises until the new oil makes its way throughout the engine. I’m also curious about this: “They went ahead and change the timing belt but the noise persists.”

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Aug 30, 2017 · The starter motor will engage, but the car won’t turn over – it won’t even tease you, there will be no response. Some damage that might occur can be to the cylinder heads, as well as to the crankshaft bearings, oil pump or water pump. Related: My Check Engine Light Is On. Squealing sounds. The clanking noise is a warning that there is insufficient lubricant that could be caused by a defective oil pump. The hydraulic lifters are ordinarily not noisy at all. Commotion coming from them is an indication that not enough oil is being pumped to them.

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