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Sometimes someone will write the actual Greek letter chi here. But I'll write the x squared here. And let me write it this way. This is our chi-square statistic, but I'm going to write it with a capital X instead of a chi because this is going to have approximately a chi-squared distribution.

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Squares df Mean Square F Sig. Fig. 1.2. An example of the type of default table generated from an SPSS ANOVA output. The finished table should look like Table 1.2. This explanation is accomplished using MS Word 2007. In earlier versions the functionality will generally be the same but with 2007 Microsoft

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To calculate the Chi-Square statistic for the data in the contingency table, the sum of all of the calculated differences between the observed and expected values (cells: E14, F14, G14, E16, F16, G16) is computed and compared to the Chi-Square critical value at a p-value of .005 or any p-value of your choice.

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The null hypothesis is rejected when the obtained chi-square value is equal to or greater than the critical chi-square value The degrees of freedom for the two-way chi-square test is: • df= (r –1)(c –1) • where ris the number of rows for IV #1 and • cis the number of columns for IV #2 THE TWO-WAY CHI-SQUARE TEST Chapter 10

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