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If you've found a bug or have an issue with Beyond20, or if you have a feature or suggestion to make, you can head over to github's issue tracker and submit your bug report or feature request by creating a new issue. Alternatively, in case you're not familiar to github (and don't want to create an account...

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Druids of the Circle of Spores find beauty in decay. They see within mold and other fungi the ability to transform lifeless material into new life. These druids believe that life and death are part of a grand cycle, with one leading to the other and back again.

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Classes Death Knight Blood Frost Unholy Druid Balance Feral Guardian Restoration

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The Circle of Spores is a subclass for Druids that was introduced in an Unearthed Arcana earlier this year, alongside the Brute Fighter and School of In a nutshell, the class was built around having a symbiotic relationship with a bunch of spores, that the Druid can use to debuff and damage their...

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Spore Druid also has a bit more ramp since it needs to use it's first action to activate Symbiotic Entity. Whereas a Moon Druid can Wild Shape as a At level 10 Moon Druid jumps far beyond Spore Druid except possibly in situations where Spreading Spores can hit the optimal number of targets and they...

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Nov 10, 2014 · The party decided to hide out in the woods and stake out the circle. While they were waiting, a talking rabbit wandered by. He told them that a witch and a group of cultists used the circle and some sort of box was involved in the ritual. He also told them about a druid ("The friend of the forest") that lived on the other side of the wood. https://pure.royalholloway.ac.uk/portal/en/publications/bringing-geography-to-book-ellen-semple-and-the-reception-of-geographical-knowledge(be43a81f-16ee-4653-b5b6 ...

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