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Server Level @everyone → Server Level Roles → Channel Level @everyone → In the earlier Understanding Discord articles, I explained how to get to the settings menus for Muting a user can mean two different things depending if it is in a voice channel or in a...

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Control your music queue either in-channel or via the web panel. Moderation Easily kick, ban, voice kick or mute your server members with Vexera's easy to use Discord Moderation system.

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Craig is a multi-track voice channel recording bot for Discord. Craig remains free, and thanks to everyone who uses and appreciates the ability to get good quality Feel free to mute it ;) NOTE 2: If you're thinking "If Craig is open source, can't I just run my own to get...

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Moderator !mute and !unmute Discord commands. Discord !players command to show players in game. Moderator !kick, !ban & !unban Discord command for your lower staff. Full support for Discord to game console commands for admins. Initialized message lets players know when server is ready to rejoin (wipes/restarts). Admin channel with players' Name ...

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With this bot, you can mute everyone with a simple command at the start of the game! The bot has many more commands like adding new roles to the game. So if you are bored with the vanilla among us experience, try those! Type .help in discord after adding the bot to learn more. Type .m to mute and .u to unmute everyone in your current voice channel.

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We've implemented notifications muting! Muting a channel or a server prevents unread indicators and notifications from appearing unless you are mentioned (which includes the @everyone and @here tags). Discord used mute!Dec 27, 2020 · Make a new command that creates a welcome-messages channel, use guild.channels.cache.find(channel => === 'welcome-messages'), and send a message to that channel. This method will work fine in most cases, but will break if someone on that server decides to rename the channel.

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