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Memory card data restoration application tackles and rescue damaged audio video files, music, pictures, text documents stored on all types of memory card flash drives including compact flash, multimedia card, xD picture card, memory stick and other memory cards of mobile phones, digital camera, mp3 player etc. Memory card data retrieval utility ...

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Sometimes it wants to go there and sometimes it wants to go to my dolphin location. Please let me know if you can help me. Thank you all very much for your time. Update: Ok got two memory cards for US in a and b, but now when I go to the memory card manager, this happens.

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I have been playing Wind Waker for the last two days without issue, tried loading it up to play this morning and all of a sudden I am getting this error: GCI save file was not loaded because it is in the wrong region for this memory card.

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If you've ever run into a missing or corrupt file message, it can be incredibly irritating. Critical program files can be accidentally deleted, moved, or corrupted by malware infection. If you encounter a problem related to a program file, search and find your missing file in our directory of over 25 million files. Jun 13, 2013 · 'Cuz whenever I make a new virtual card, it comes out corrupted and needs a fix, so I just load melee to format it. I just want a way to fix the memory card without having to play melee again. If this doesn't work for virtual memory cards, then I'll just get a GameCube bios so I can format the card.

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So recently, my Gamecube gave a "this memory card is corrupted" error, so I decided to dump a raw image of it with GCNN on Wii Homebrew and use I am trying to use Dolphin's Memory Card Manager to import all the saves into .raw image that I will use in GCMM on Wii, and the saves do...

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Step 1: Download and install GCMM. Go to the GCMM page to download the latest version of GCMM. Inside, there is a folder with the same name as the zip file. Inside that folder, there is a “gamecube” folder. Inside of that folder, there is a .dol file. Copy that file your homebrew storage device, usually an SD card.

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