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Sep 19, 2020 · The leading strand can be extended by one primer alone, whereas the lagging strand needs a new primer for each of the short Okazaki fragments. The overall direction of the lagging strand will be 3' to 5', and that of the leading strand 5' to 3'. A protein called the sliding clamp holds the DNA polymerase in place as it continues to add ...

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Jul 16, 2020 · In Summary: Basics of DNA Replication. The model for DNA replication suggests that the two strands of the double helix separate during replication, and each strand serves as a template from which the new complementary strand is copied. In conservative replication, the parental DNA is conserved, and the daughter DNA is newly synthesized.

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To prevent each new strand from shortening each round, an enzyme called telomerase catalyzes the lengthening of telomeres, which are special nucleotide sequences that do not contain genes. Telomeres are found at the eukaryotic Chromosomal DNA ends. What telomerase does is it restores telomeres to their original length during DNA replication.

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DNA Replication and Repair During cell division nucleus is divided _____ Cytokinesis Cell is split into two cells, each daughter cell has an _____copy of the parent’s cells _____ Each DNA strand acts as a _____to build the complementary strand _____ bonds between complementary bases break and DNA _____ DNA Replicates Semi-conservatively Each DNA molecule is composed of one _____strand and ...

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An old DNA strand is used as a _____ for the assembly of a new DNA strand. template. Short segments of newly synthesized DNA are joined into a continuous strand by _____. ligase. After replication is complete, the new DNAs, called _____, are identical to each other. daughter DNA. The enzyme that can replicate DNA is called. DNA Polymerase ...

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and 3' ends of the left strand of the DNA molecule. DNA polymerases add nucleotides only to the free 3' end of a primer or growing DNA strand; DNA is replicated in a 5' 3' direction. The leading strand is the new continuous strand being formed along one template strand as DNA polymerase Ill (DNA pol Ill) remains in the progressing replication fork.

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