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French and Indian War: Causes. War in the Wilderness: 1754-1755. In 1748, the War of the Austrian Succession came to a conclusion with the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. During the course of the eight-year conflict, France, Prussia, and Spain had squared off against Austria, Britain, Russia, and the Low...

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Jun 17, 2015 · A gentleman, an ex-conductor, wrote in, partly in reply to a gentleman who said his own father was a conductor in the Indian Army c World War One. This was his reply: The history of the Indian Army Ordnance Corps can be traced back to the ‘Military Trains and Magazine Establishment”, in the East India Company’s Artillery.

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WAR IN AUSTRALIA, PACIFIC AND INDIAN OCEANS. Pearl Harbor Raid (December 1941) Central Pacific Area Operations (1941-1945) Indian Ocean (1941-1945)

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The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence Add or remove collections Home The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence 9th Calvary Regiment Medal of Honor recipients.

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Before the war, Albert Pike had been the owner of the Advocate, a newspaper based in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was commissioned in the Confederate army as a brigadier general in 1861 (fig. 3). During the war, he was charged with the command of the Indian Territory.

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Prussian Artillery. Picture: Prussian horse artillery in 1805, one year before the disastrous Jena Campaign. From left to right: officer, gunner and driver. The horse artillery was first employed by Frederick the Great to solve a problem which had existed over a century earlier: provide cavalry with the fire support it needed to deal with infantry without sacrificing their speed, mobility and ... Not to be outdone, Fritz received a present from the Kaiser, the Kaiserliche, a large meerschaum pipe for the troops and a box of cigars for NCOs and officers. Towns, villages and cities, and numerous support associations on both sides also flooded the front with gifts of food, warm clothes and letters of thanks.

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