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If two conducting shells are concentric and of opposite charge, can someone tell me the electric field and electric potential in the regions: within the smaller shell, between the shells, and outside the big shell in terms of radius and charge. (The inner shell has a charge of lower magnitude)

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3.15P) Calculate the electric potential of charged concentric conducting spherical shells of radius a, b, c everywhere. Charge of spherical shells are Q1, Q2 and Q3. Write the boundary conditons for electric field displacement field and electric potential.

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a) A conducting spherical shell has inner radius A and outer radius B. It is concentric with another conducting spherical shell of inner radius C and outer radius D. The inner shell has charge +Q and the outer shell has charge -2Q. b) Sketch the electric field lines. C D Find the electric field at i) r < A ii) A < r < B iii) B < r < C

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Question-- A thin spherical shell with radius R1= 4 cm is concentric with a larger thin spherical shell with radius R2= 8 cm. Both shellls are made of insulating material. Smaller shell q1= 6 nC; Larger shell q2= -9 nC (uniform distribution.) Take electric potential to be zero at r = infinity. Nov 10, 2009 · (a) Express the magnitude of the electric field at the center of the hole: E = Espherical + E hole Apply Gauss’s law to a spherical gaussian surface just outside the given sphere: Espherical 4πr 2 = Solve for E spherical to obtain: Espherical = shell The electric field due to the small hole (small enough so that we can treat it as a plane ...

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For a spherical charge the gaussian surface is another sphere. I have drawn in the electric field lines. If the sphere has a charge of Q and the gaussian surface is a distance R from the center of the sphere: For a spherical charge the electric field is given by Coulomb’s Law.

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Then the electric flux density in the elemental shell is where 4πx 2 (1/2 + 1/2 cos 30°) is the area of the elemental shell. The electric field intensity in the elemental shell with air as a dielectric is and the voltage between the electrodes (spherical surfaces) of the cell is The capacitance according to Eq. 2-25 is found to be and ELECTRIC CHARGES AND FIELD 1. Charges of magnitudes 2Q and –Q are located at points (a,0,0) and (4a,0,0). Find the ratio of the flux of electric field due to these charges through concentric sphere as of radii 2a and 8a centered at the origin. 2. An electric dipole free to move is placed in a uniform electric field. Explain along

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