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The cervix or cervix uteri Latin neck of the uterus is the lower part of the uterus in the human female reproductive system In a nonpregnant woman the c...

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Posterior Cervical Spinal Fixation System -Price Terms-Payment Type-Minimum Order-Supply-Code. Quick Message. Send. Description • Provides immobilization and ...

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X-ray film, and the cervical lordosis (CL), namely as C2–7 Cobb angle, was calculated by measuring the angle between the C2 subvertebral endplate plane and the ex-tension line of C7 subvertebral endplate plane at preo-peration and postoperation on lateral radiographs. Anterior convex was positive and posterior convex was negative (Fig. 1).

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The bones in the neck region of the spine, known as cervical vertebrae, are numbered 1 to 7 beginning from the top. Discs serve as cushions between the vertebrae. The C3 and C4 disc -- commonly noted as C3-C4 -- is between the third and fourth cervical vertebrae. It is commonly used only in the cervical spine. Sacrum: BP (base posterior; –Z, –θX) from viewing of the lateral film of the lumbosacral junction [it is not unusual for a sacral base posterior to be accompanied by hypolordosis or a loss of the normal lumbar anterior curve] Long axis rotation is found on the AP film: P-L (posterior on the ...

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Oct 27, 2017 · The C6 vertebra is the sixth cervical vertebra of the spine. It is found in the base of the neck between the C5 and the last cervical vertebra, C7. The C6 vertebra plays an important role in supporting and protecting the structures of the head and neck as well as anchoring the muscles that move and support the neck. Anatomy

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Adult torticollis, also referred to as cervical dystonia or spasmodic torticollis, is a condition in which the muscles that control the neck are locked into a sustained involuntary contraction. These contractures can commonly cause twisting, repetitive movements, or abnormal posturing of the neck[1]. Depending on the severity, it can be a very painful condition that may lead to a great ...

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