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First, my apologies if I didn't choose the correct subforum for this. Yes, I still have almost everything on CD. Yes, I skipped the entire iPod and non-Apple equivalent era. But, since I have a NAS now set up, I want to rip all my CDs to digital. I did a little poking around, and I guess...

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Exact Audio Copy(EAC) is a CD ripper, tagger, metadata searcher and burner which uses AccurateRip to verify the copy. Feel free to combine it with an external compressor (e.g. LAME)to produce the ultimate mp3s, get freedb tagging of your metadata, instantly acquire album covers,export your cd...

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Exact Audio Copy supports all types of CD and DVD drives for versatile use. Organizing music collections is simple when you grab CDs with Exact Audio Copy: It automatically adds metadata tags to the extracted music files and creates cue sheets with track attributes and CD-Text included.

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May 21, 2020 · It uses FreeDB for title, etc. which I don't take be giving me the gospel truth. Better'n a poke in the nose, anyway. Regardless of where "CowboysHoedownLament.wav" came from, it still says the artist is Hiram Hickenlooper, the album is When It's Two In The Morning, it was released in 2018, and the genre is Smooth Jazz. A: Exact Audio Copy allows users to make several adjustments that can result in an exact, bit-identical copy of the original CD. Q: Can I use Exact Audio Copy to encode to other lossless formats or Mp3 (LAME) instead of FLAC?

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You don't need it to copy CDs, but if you work with old tapes, 45s, etc., you can edit tracks, removing excessive applause and comments and clean up the sound by removing pops, clicks and motor noise.

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Format of optical media disc that was introduced in 1987 that combines the technologies of standard compact disc and LaserDisc. CD-V discs are the same size as a standard 12-cm audio CD, and contain up to 20 minutes' worth of CD Audio that can be played on any audio CD player. Wikipedia

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