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Jan 13, 2016 · $ find . -mtime +180 -delete; $ find . -mtime +180 -exec rm -f {} \; As before, the -mtime parameter is used to find files older than X. In this case, it’s older than 180 days. You can either use the -delete parameter to immediately let find delete the files, or you can let any arbitrary command be executed (-exec) on the found files.

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Find Files greater than 1 GB and older than 1 month. syntax to add extra linux commands is add -exec <linux command> {} \; at the end of find command. and here we didn't mention depth of the files to search, so it will search all files from current directory to all its sub directories.

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find - search for files in a directory hierarchy, whether its a database or not locate - list files in databases that match a pattern, i.e. find inside updatedb's list updatedb - update a file name database, i.e. collection of db's only, such as sqlite

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8/10 (97 votes) - Free. is a webapp where you'll find the best TV series in their original version with subtitles. Follow your favorite series online thanks to If you like watching television series in their original version and you want to practice another language,...

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Bug reports, general announcements, suggestions, etc. GABE AND TYCHO DO NOT READ THE FORUMS.

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The Red Hat Customer Portal delivers the knowledge, expertise, and guidance available through your Red Hat subscription. "Excessive Latency Hours" is the total number of one-hour intervals during which Successful Requests submitted by an Application resulted in a P99 Latency greater than or equal to 10ms for data item read or 10ms for data item write operations. If the number of Successful Requests in a given one-hour interval is zero, the Excessive Latency Hours ...

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