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ODS stands for Open Document Spreadsheet. The file type is designed to work on both Excel and other applications, e.g. LibreOffice. From the Excel point of view, ODS doesn’t support all the features. Text and data is usually saved well though.

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Determining the nature of the function you are graphing. Jump to: Linear (straight lines), Quadratic (parabolas), Absolute value Remember that the high school curriculum is designed so that even relatively stupid students can get decent grades, provided that they spend time doing homework and read textbooks.

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Jun 17, 2004 · The flash point is one of the major physical properties used to determine the fire and explosion hazards of a liquid. Flash points are used by virtually all governmental entities worldwide to define “flammable” and “combustible” materials for shipping and safety regulations. A model is described here for the calculation of closed cup ...

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Excel Calculations Multicomponent Equilibrium Flash Calculation When a multicomponent liquid stream undergoes a sudden decrease in pressure (by, for example, flowing through a valve), part of the feed vaporizes. The vapor product is richer in the more volatile components (i.e. those with a higher equilibrium constant) than the liquid product.

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What is your carbon footprint? Calculate it now. Offsetting the carbon emissions from your lifestyle is a critical step toward fighting climate change.

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Venting Calculation for Outbreathing due to liquid movement into the tank. As per API 2000, the outbreathing flow should be sized to correspond to maximum possible liquid flow into the tank. Depending on the flash point and normal boiling point of liquid contents at the tank operating pressure, the venting requirements are different.

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