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RV Stereo. Top Selected Products and Reviews. Firstly, the stereo was a perfect fit. Comes with all the leads to plug straight into the Honda CRV. No extra wires needed and no aerial adaptor required.

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Furrion 50 Amp RV Cordset Conversion Kit, 125/250V w/ LED Inlet. This Furrion RV Cordset Conversion Kit eliminates the hassle and struggle of using heavy power cords in and out of small access doors. It allows you to convert your hard-wired RV cordset into an easy-to-use electrical set up.

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Do you have an older RV and still have the original stereo and speakers in it? Maybe its time to make an upgrade, stop struggling to find stations while driving or parked at your favorite campground. Technology is a lot more advanced with CD's, MP3's and smart phones, so you never have to worry about stations with static again.

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During playback, press the II button (7) to pause the Bluetooth audio JENSEN stereo system. Store away your old remote and enjoy the convenience of all playback. “BT PAUSE” will appear on the LCD. Press II button again to resume the primary functions of your JENSEN stereo right from your phone or tablet by playback.

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Sep 03, 2014 · Just bought a brand-new 303RLS doing a shake down in the driveway of the electronics, having an issue with the Furrion DV1000. When I'm watching TV with the furrion stereo set to auxiliary the surround sound only works on the left speaker. When I set the Furrion to Stero or DVD both speakers work correctly. How do I get the right speaker to work.

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Furrion Mechless RV Stereo - HDMI, AUX/USB, Bluetooth, NFC ... On the Furrion RV Stereo part # DV7200 the HDMI port on the front panel is an HDMI input and the HDMI port on the back panel is an output. So if you wanted the audio from a TV to play through this radio you'd need to route an HDMI cable from and HDMI output to the front HDMI input on the stereo. Looking for RV camera systems? Furrion builds premium products for outdoor entertainment, refrigeration, solar energy, and more. Shop now!

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