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We present 0"2-0"4 resolution images of the rest-frame 188 and 419$\mu$m dust continuum and the CO(6-5), H2O(211-202) and J=2 H2O+ line emission. We also report the detection of H$_2^{18}$O in this source. The dust continuum and molecular gas emission are resolved into a nearly complete ~1"5...

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The selectivity for the syn diastereomer in the electrophilic activation manifolds is accounted for by increased electrostatic and orbital interactions for a synclinal transition state (syn-T3) at the expense of increased steric interactions relative to antiperiplanar transition states.

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The ‘cone angle’ N ring –M–N ring values (mean) for compounds 3 64.3(3) and 4 59.7(2)° involving L 2 are conspicuously smaller, ca. 20°, than those for compounds 1 82.90(8) and 2 79.1(3)° involving L 1 as a reflection of the insistent steric demands of the more compact six-membered triazacyclohexane ligand.

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So if we assume that behind all activity of hydrogen ion in water solution is hydronium (H3O+) with activity coeficient γ then the concentration of hydronia in „mol/L" should be calculated as (10‑pH/γ)*ρ/MM, where ρ is solution density and MM is molar mass of solution.

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The catalytic activity of amines is more or less proportional to its base strength except when steric hindrance interferes with the formation of the intermediate state and the addition of the alcohol. Isocyantes can undergo many other reactions. In some of these reactions carbondioxide (CO 2) is released. For example, isocyanate groups react ...

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Each overall potential should be positive in order for the reactions to occur spontanesly. Information for Students. For example, the chemical reaction between HCl(aq) and Fe(OH) 3 (s) still proceeds according to the equation. The name of SnCl2 is tin(II) chloride. Balancing chemical equations. Steric number = 3.

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