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May 28, 2019 · A battery that most frequently reaches 50% depth of discharge will last longer than a battery that is often pushed to a greater depth of discharge. However, at the same time, repeated shallow discharge (5-10%) of a deep cycle battery also contributes to shortened lifespans.

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Your car battery is charged by your alternator. Often, when a battery fails, it's due to a fault with the alternator. Generally, if you can keep your engine RPM up, your alternator will charge your battery at a faster rate. If you are driving on a motorway, you should be able to charge your car battery in 30 minutes.

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This battery should be a deep cycle type and sized to meet your run time expectations with the engine off. The auxiliary battery should be connected to the alternator through an isolator module to prevent the inverter from discharging the engine start battery when the engine is off.

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May 08, 2020 · Similarly, the vehicle owner may assume it’s a bad alternator since their battery isn’t too old and then spend a lot of money replacing or repairing the alternator which didn’t need fixing in the first place. Even though car batteries come with warranties (ie: 48 months, 60 months, etc.), it doesn’t mean they will actually last that long.

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Sep 28, 2020 · If you are showing something like a 4 volt charge on a 6 volt golf cart battery, you have a bad battery and will want to replace it. One bad battery can bring the performance of the entire set down. If you have a 48 volt system with 8 volt batteries, you’ll want to see readings of around 8.2 to 8.3 volts per battery (49.2 to 49.8 total volts ...

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Depends what accessories you have on during your last drive. 15-30 minutes no accessories. The only purpose of a battery is to start the car, after you could take the battery out and toss it in a garbage can, so long as you don't turn it off, or run out of gas will run forever.Jul 03, 2018 · Essentially though if your alternator gives out, I'd say you have anywhere between 10-30mins before you're stranded with a petrol engine. Old school diesels aren't so reliant on the battery as the engine will drive the fuel pump so they're mostly self sustaining once they're running (pre year 2000)

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