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Jul 12, 2015 · Hi cseeman, Welcome to Affinity Forums :) Currently Affinity Photo crop is document based as you discovered. To "crop" an image in a specific layer, create a selection around the area you need to crop, press ⇧ (shift) + ⌘ (cmd) + I (to invert the selection - you can also go to menu Select Invert Pixel Selection) and hit delete on your keyboard.

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Importing our image into Procreate First, we import our picture by hitting the "add photo" option on the top menu. Then we can fix the picture contrast using the feature Curves (Adjustments > Curves), and then we can add a little pop of color by editing the picture with Color Balance (Adjustments > Color Balance).

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Crop photos right in your browser. Batch mode. Works quickly. Excellent image quality. No waiting. You can crop a few photos with our batch-cropping online app in just a few clicks. How it works. Drag your images into the app or click on "Select Images".

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Since the Procreate community is constantly expanding, the importance of versatile Procreate brushes is accordingly Get rich gouache effects in Procreate in a few minutes. No more hours of searching for weird textures to add Just check the previews to see how the brushes work, you'll be impressed.That's probably the original 300dpi image sent to the printer for the printing. It definitely wasn't resized up from a smaller image. Look at some of the detail. Some of the dots are even smaller than one pixel. If it were resized up, they wouldn't be there. EDIT: He could've just scanned the original from the album cover...

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! 1!!!!! Digital!Reproduction!and!Usage!Policy!! Smithsonian!Directive!609!dated!July!15,!2011,!permits!Smithsonian!bureaus!to!charge!fees! for!the!right!to!reproduce ...

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