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Message logging with printk¶. printk() is one of the most widely known functions in the Linux kernel. It’s the standard tool we have for printing messages and usually the most basic way of tracing and debugging.


I am new to assembly and have made a simple addition program to sum two integers read from the keyboard. The program outputs correctly, but I want to know if there is a way to streamline my code.

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Everything between those curly brackets is code that tells Word “Go to that table, get the first value in the column titled “Type”, and put it here. It’s important to note that the stuff inside the curly brackets will not print in the final document “as is,” so it may appear that the label won’t fit the content.

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It looks up what a is (5) and what b is (10) and then adds them together (+) and then uses that as the value to send to println. Note that for now, we can only do math using integers, which if you recall, are whole numbers. That means we can't yet print out numbers like 3.14 or 1.5.

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