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May 02, 2019 · A rocker panel trim is the trim piece that usually extends along the bottom side of the vehicle and sometimes covers the rocker panel. Rocker panel trims can be categorized based on their location. Some can be found attached on the rocker panels themselves while some are installed on the bottom edge of the vehicle’s doors.

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Molding Replacement - Rocker Panel Removal Procedure 1. Open the door. 2. Raise the vehicle to gain access to the lower rocker panel retaining clips. Notice Use a plastic, flat-bladed tool to prevent paint damage when removing an emblem/name plate. 3. Apply making tape to protect the painted surfaces.

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Yes on the nut up front. But, I have found that if you press down (as in toward the ground, not toward the car) on the top of the molding while you twist the molding a little, it will flex a little and the bottom edge will pop off the clip. They're plastic clips and prying is likely to damage them. PJ.

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Remove any remaining adhesive, which might be attached to the body panel after the body side molding has been removed. Pour a small amount of adhesive remover onto a clean rag. Apply the remover to the remaining adhesive, allowing it to soak in. Carefully and slowly scrape off the adhesive using a putty knife. Finally got the car into the Mazda dealer today. Did a service and highlighted a range of issues including the missing side panel (rocker panel) trim as well as the pinch mould on the drivers side which had perished. They were OK about the pinch mould but said the rocker panel trim was my fault and could be replaced at a cost of $601.00 AUD.

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What is the process of removing this trim piece :?: Is there a special tool :?: Any screws that need to be removed from the inside of the door :?: I've got the lower rocker panel trim and the piece right directly behind the door along with the wheel well trim all removed. I cannot figure out how this piece comes loose

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Quick Links: How to: Cleaning door window trim Pro Sema wheels-cleaning The Nozzle Thread TRD / 4X4 Decal Removal Removing Plastic Chrome Handle Covers I goofed How to fix rocker panel rust? Discussion in ' Detailing ' started by TacoBrah , Feb 11, 2015 .

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