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Editor: Fix incorrect colorspace for IMGUI in GameView. (1168191, 1173822) Editor: MacEditor: "Unsupported image when converting for NSImage" log is now a DebugAssert, which will prevent the assert from being logged on build machines (1171194, 1172797) Editor: Project Settings Window fails to appear after installing the Ryder Editor package.

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Using only a text editor and some means to navigate and search through files. The program flow should always be visible, expressed in easy to follow steps. The data transformed by the program should be laid out plainly, its form and size easily recognized by compiler, machine, and human.

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Jun 01, 2015 · The common method is through text. Unfortunately, OpenGL does not provide any method that makes rendering text simple. A common way of rendering text is through the use of bitmaps. Bitmaps are 2D images. By representing a letter with an image, text can be rendered on a screen. Figure 1 Rendering Text on a mobile device

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IMGUI does away with this type of state synchronization by requiring the application to explicitly pass all state required for visualization and interaction with any given "widget" in real-time.

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GitHub 0.1.0 485K # xray # archive # aspect # text # editor. web_worker. A simple crate implementing web workers to run rayon-styled concurrent work on wasm v 0.3.0 ...

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Text editor (from BalazsJako) with dynamic compilation of cuda kernels View Common.h # define NUM_ROWS 10 # define ... # include " imgui/imgui.h " // version 1.78 Fu-Bama wrote: When text editor is opened and you switch to performance mode, name of the currently opened shader changes to some other one (experienced in OpenGL). Can't reproduce that. The editor always deselects any shader and shows an empty window after reloading (e.g. by switching performance mode).

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