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Team Fortress 2 custom config generator. Generate a server config Create a set of configuration files to easily set up a server's settings & plugins.

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----- HUD VERSION W/ 4PLUG: ----- - Open 4Plug and click the settings button (the one next to the bank of 4 buttons) - Click the drop down under "HUD Version" and select the desired version - Click apply and launch TF2 OR if you're already in-game, alt-tab back in and input "hud_reloadscheme" into console.

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i asked Klown (person who made the video) what hud that is, he said toonhud, tried making exact same things he did but didnt come close to it, so I figured out it was a different hud or some pro level edit. I really REALLY need help finding this. EDIT : time lines are 0:14 - 0:24

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A hud for Team Fortress 2. If you use an asset of this HUD, whether it be the main menu or class select menu, please credit me. Preferably in a GitHub readme and (if you have one) the TFTV thread. My work has been resubmitted to another HUD and the person who did didn't credit me in the most noticeable way.

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ToonHUD - Customizable HUD for TF2 ToonHUD is a highly customizable heads-up display for Team Fortress 2. You can edit ToonHUD with your browser and share your themes with others. If you like ToonHUD, please leave some feedback and join ToonHUD's Steam group!

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Here is my personal top 5 for the best huds there is for tf2. 7Hud: http://huds.tf/forum/showthread.php?tid=261 BudHud: http://huds.tf/forum/showthread.php?t...

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