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The law that keeps track of the internal energy of a system, the work done by the system, and heat energy transferred to the system is the first law of thermodynamics. An understanding of this extended conservation of energy law is important in practical endeavors, such as the design of heat engines.

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A particle of mass m1 moving with velocity v1 along x-direction makes an elastic collision with another stationary particle of mass m2. After the collision, the particles move with different directions with different velocities. Applying law of conservation of momentum, Along x-axis:

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The law of conservation of mass was obeyed in this lab. The law of conservation of mass states that the mass of your initial substances (reactants) will be the same as the mass of the substances that you get after the reaction has occurred (products). 5 | P a g e 6.

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Conservation of mass definition, the principle that in any closed system subjected to no external forces, the mass is constant irrespective of its changes in form; the principle that matter cannot be created or destroyed.

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The Law of Conservation of Mass states that the total mass of the reactants in a chemical reaction will equal the total mass of the products resulting from a chemical reaction. Reactants are the all of the substances present at the beginning of the reaction. Products are the substances remaining after the chemical reaction.

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Supplies - Science Notebook, Pencil, Lab Report (one page, from Monday) Standard- SC.8.P.9.1 How do physical and chemical changes support the Law of Conservation of Mass? Bellwork: Begin working on your Volcano in a Bag Lab Report (Hypothesis or Conclusion) with your table group. After a few minutes I will begin moving around the room to check ...

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