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Design a battery charge indicator circuit; FM Circuit to Transmit Audio signal; Remote controlled device activator circuit; Solar powered LED light circuit; 12v, 9v, 6v, 5v,3.3v power supply circuit; Infra red module circuit; Noise or Sound Sensor Alarm Circuit; Stepper motor control circuit; RF remote control circuit; DC motor speed control ...

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I built the sequencer on basic copper strip board and added four relays and “jumpers” so that for each event I could either switch the line to ground, provide 13.8V or in the case of the LNA switch the 13.8V supply off. The LEDs were only in place during testing and were moved to the front panel when the circuit board was fitted into the box.

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Introduction To Car LED Light Sequencer. This Car LED Light Sequencer uses a standard 74C164 8 bit shift register as its heart of operation. The 74C164 is also known as a 8-Bit Parallel-Out Serial Shift Register which is a monolithic complementary MOS (CMOS) integrated circuit.

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Analog Devices sequencers, trackers, and margining controllers provide additional functionality to Our sequencing controllers allow power supplies to be turned on or off in any order by adding time...

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With a 555 timer connected as an astable multivibrator (oscillator) of low frequency, the 4017 will cycle through its ten-count sequence, lighting up each LED, one at a time, and “recycling” back to the first LED. The result is a visually pleasing sequence of flashing lights.

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