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2. Night vision. The supposed reason for a pirate’s trademark eye patch is to unleash the superhuman ability of night vision. By keeping one eye closed, you avoid exposing your closed eye to bright lights (like torches) that cause your pupil to dilate, which is great for daylight vision, but not for night vision.

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Jul 31, 2010 · Lucid dreaming (when you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming while still in the dream) opens a number of exciting doors. I’ve broken these down into the top 5 reasons why we should pursue lucid dreaming: Fun, Creativity, Healing, Understanding of Self, Consciousness Exploration.

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Apr 01, 2012 · This night I had a "Lucid Dream", as in a dream where you realize you are dreaming. So I find myself suddenly in a very complicated dream environment. Too complicated to describe in 999 words, I just include a computer generated rendering, and you can have an idea.

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Lucid Dreams. 13 k liker dette. A group about Lucid Dreams, Lucid Dreaming and Dream stuff. Hopp til. Deler på denne siden. ... Telekinesis power of mind.

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Sean McNamara teaches Meditation, Telekinesis, Lucid Dreaming, the Out of Body Experience, Remote Viewing and more in Denver, Colorado, and other locations too. Main Online Courses BOOKS Telekinesis Remote Viewing Lucid Dream & OBE Training Meditation Vagus Nerve Stimulation Media Blogs Classes ...

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Sep 21, 2009 · A Dream-Initiated Lucid Dream is a DILD and a Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream is a WILD. Apparently WILDs are much more difficult to induce, but that is how I have lucid dreams naturally. I wake up at some point during the night and feel that I’m in that state between being awake and asleep (hypnogogia–which is also the state where sleep ...

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