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The MKS (meter-kilogram-second) units of the mass flow rate are kilograms per second, or kg/s. The mass flow rate has the same value at every point in a fluid conduit that has a single entry and single exit point. The mass flow rate at any two points along the conduit can be related like this, with the equation of continuity: About the Book Author

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The equation of continuity The equation of continuity states that for an incompressible fluid flowing in a tube of varying cross-section, the mass flow rate is the same everywhere in the tube. The mass flow rate is simply the rate at which mass flows past a given point, so it's the total mass flowing past divided by the time interval.

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Thus, this equation is good to be applied while Reynolds Number (Re) less than 2000. In case of more turbulent flow (Re>2000), other equation (Panhandle A, Panhandle B or AGA) shall be used. The equation is: Q : Gas flow rate, [CFD], [cubic feet per day], [ft 3 /day] at base conditions. T b: Base Temperature, equal to 520 [°R].

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Note that, Bernoulli’s equation cannot be applied between sections 2 and 3 because the flow is unsteady. Now, and also . Therefore adding the last two equations gives: uu2 3 pp14 pressure of undisturbed fluid 22 32 4 1 1 2 pp u u . Combining this with the momentum equation gives: 14 2 2 uu u .

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The actual fluid mass flow rate differs from this theoretical value, because of The latter equation is still applicable to scroll expanders, since the clearance volume at the For piston expanders, the mass flow rate entering into/leaving the cylinder to increase/decrease the pressure from the pressure at the...

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The continuity equation. mass flow rate. mVAx Av tt t. ρ ρ ρ ΔΔ Δ == = = ΔΔ Δ ρ. 111 2 22. AvAv =ρ. A. 11 2 2. vAv = (continuity equation) The mass flow rate of a fluid must be continuous. Otherwise fluid accumulates at some points. So, we have: Density of fluid doesn’t change ⇒ 18. An application of continuity. The concept of ... The differential mass flow rate of fluid flowing across a small area element dAcin a cross section of the pipe is proportional to dAcitself, the fluid density r, and the component of the flow velocity normal to dAc, which we denote as Vn, and is expressed as (Fig. 5–3) (5–4)

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