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You will then be at the colon prompt. At the colon prompt, hit return and you'll get back the minus prompt. At the minus prompt, enter e zyyy:11 where z=x+3, then press return. You should get back zyyy:0011 25. Immediately following zyyy:0011 25. type D followed by a space. This should return 3C. on the same line.

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The colon (:) provides a means for you to tell MATLAB that you want the entire range of a matrix element. The values are rows, columns, and pages in this case. So the request you made was for the entire range of page 2. You could ask for just a row or column.

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Deleting rows and columns using the colon operator. Assign newMatrixA with origMatrixA, then remove row delRow and column delCol from newMatrixA. Assign deletedElems with the deleted row and column values.

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Indexing begins at 1, not 0 as in most programming languages. The index of the last element in a given dimension is end. You can use it in expressions: v(end - 1) etc. Use ranges to access sub-matrices: B = A(k:l,m:n). Subscripts and ranges can be built from any integer-valued expressions.

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Jan 21, 2019 · Indexing: vectors in MATLAB are not the same as in every other programming language because the indexing starts from one instead of zero, which means that the first value has the index one. Column Vector: to define a column vector, you can either separate every element with a semi-colon (;) , or you can define the vector and use the transpose ...

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