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Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, has almost no atmosphere, and its dusty surface of craters resembles the Moon. The planet was named for the Your weight: If you weigh 100 pounds on Earth, you would weigh 38 pounds on Mercury. Distance from Earth: 57 million miles, at the closest point in...

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Mercury is just over a third as far from the sun as the Earth is; it is 0.387 A.U. from the sun (on average). Mercury's orbit is very eccentric; at aphelion (the point in the orbit farthest from the sun) Mercury is 70 million km from the sun, at perihelion Mercury is 46 million km from the sun. There are no seasons on Mercury.

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Mercury has a huge iron core, and a very thin atmosphere (a mixture of gases around a planet). It can sometimes be seen from Earth. This planet is recognizable by its system of seven shining rings which circle the equator, the line which is half-distance between two poles.

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MERCURY in retrograde is thought by astrologers to be a time when there is disruption and a breakdown of communication in people's lives. The second Mercury Retrograde of the year began on July 7 and has finally come to end on August 2. The planet was in retrograde for the first time this...That's when the Sun-Earth-(inferior)planet angle is greatest. At its ~, Venus makes a right (90o) angle with the Earth and Sun. The innovative astronomer Copernicus used a ~ and trigonometry to figure out that Venus's distance from the Sun equals 0.72 the Earth's distance from the Sun. Uncanny how that number 72 keeps cropping up! ...

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Ask the children to identify Mercury's scaled distance from the Sun by looking at their journals. Grasp one end of the string, and using the distance markings, measure Mercury's distance of 190 feet (58 meters). Tie a pencil to the string at that length and use it as a drawing compass to create Mercury's orbit around the Sun label on the map.

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UVI 1.0 to 2.6 (Mostly full sun/Occasional partial sun baskers) Zone 3 covers a fairly broad range and includes many species commonly kept as pets. These temperate, tropical, and sub-tropical species will bask in full sun early in the day or early afternoon. During mid-day, they may be found basking when conditions are partly cloudy. This The computation of the transits of Venus for the years 1874 and 1882, and of Mercury for the year 1878 [microform] : for the earth generally and for several places in Canada, with a popular discussion of the sun's distance from the earth and an appendix showing the method of computing solar eclipses

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