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MATLAB reads the code, divides 17 by three, and tells John that there will be two apples left over. A closely related function to "mod" is MATLAB's "rem" function, short for "remainder." A possible pitfall for incorrect usage of the "mod" function is that the answer always keeps the sign of the divisor.

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1. Introduction to MATLAB. MATLAB® developed by MathWorks is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. When you start MATLAB, the desktop appears in its default layout. The desktop includes these panels...

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The filter function filters a data sequence using a digital filter which works for both real and complex inputs. The filter is a direct form II transposed implementation of the standard difference equation (see "Algorithm"). y = filter(b,a,X) filters the data in vector X with the filter described by numerator...

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Abstract: verilog code 8 stage cic interpolation filter verilog code 8 stage cic decimation filter cic compensation filters vhdl code for decimator CIC Filter The description is intended to give a broader view about the parallel filter and a starting point to my related publications. To read data from an SPI...explicit (closed-formed) solutions of the Savitzky-Golay smoothing and differentiation filter

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any programming language, such as C, Java, or assembly. MATLAB is a convenient choice as it was designed for scientific computing (not general purpose software development) and has a variety of numerical operations and numerical graphical display capabilities built in. The use of MATLAB allows the student to focus more on the

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