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Uncoated strings do however present somewhat of a thinner sound than the Elixir designs, with a different timbre to the high end. The Nanoweb design has a slightly ‘darker’ sound than both the Optiweb and uncoated strings. You can listen to all three designs as well as the Polyweb strings (intended for warmth) at the Elixir site here.

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Plus, thanks to the NANOWEB, POLYWEB and OPTIWEB Coatings, it is a tone that lasts. Match the gauge to your sound and style The first step to finding the right string gauge for you is taking an honest look at your technique.

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NANOWEB vs POLYWEB - which strings sound better? | In this week's guitar Q&A show we compare Nanoweb to Polyweb strings. Which strings sound better to you? Could you hear the ...

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May 12, 2020 · Inspirational 43+ Elixers Electric Guitar Strings.Buy elixir guitar strings in bulk and save! Guitar cleaning and maintenance techniques (part 1). { } elixir electric guitar strings with nanoweb coating { } elixir nanoweb baritone electric guitar strings. 4.5 of 5 stars (9 reviews).

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• Polyweb est plus lisse que le revêtement Nanoweb. • Polyweb réduit beaucoup moins le grincement des doigts. • Polyweb et Nanoweb permettent aux chaînes de durer 3 à 5 fois plus longtemps que les chaînes non couchées. • Nanoweb produit des tons clairs, tandis que Polyweb produit des tons doux.

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Picking the best acoustic guitar strings that will make your guitar stand out isn’t easy. There are all kinds of acoustic strings for your guitar made from different metals and coatings. How are you supposed to choose the right one? Each type of acoustic string has a slightly different tone. For example, phosphor bronze acoustic ... Read moreBest Acoustic Guitar Strings

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