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Opposition. Lilith opposite the north node indicates that the tilt of the moon's orbit was also aligned along its longest diameter, but in such a way that the moon's path descended below the ecliptic at the same point as it was furthest from the Earth. (i.e. Lilith is conjunct the south node) Ascendant (coming soon) | Lilith ...

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The north node or 'ascending node' is the point at which the moon's orbit crosses through the plane of the Earth-Sun orbit (the ecliptic). This is due to the Moon's orbital plane being inclined about 5° relative to the ecipltic. Astrologically, this is considered a very meaningful point in a natal chart. It relates to our highest calling in life. The north node cycles around the Zodiac in ...

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Whatever sign or house your North Node is in, or the transiting North Node is in, the South Node will always be in the exact opposite sign or house. Each of these axes is about balance.

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Those born with the North Node conjunct the Ascendant are always noticeable for these dynamic qualities, and others are quite willing to follow their lead. At the same time, the transiting South Node on the 7th house cusp shows that others may tend to be somewhat like extra weight to carry, requiring the individual to take on added ...

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May 26, 2019 · North Node Scorpio natives have a higher calling and are great as healers or detectives, not to mention the best friends when a situation is critical. The purpose of their soul is to integrate the instinct of them being good with their weaknesses and their openness to do the hard, conflicting work.

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Transiting Pluto Conjunct North Node | Seraphic Siren. Pluto helps you create a strong feeling about the planet, house or point in the natal chart. In this case, transiting Pluto aspects the North Node or Rahu as they call it in Vedic Astrology. The Nodes are the intersection of two great planes (moon path and sun path). Divorced female meets second spouse - He: Progressed Venus conjunct Sun; Her: Transiting Uranus conjunct Venus, and Progressed Moon in Libra. Life-changing affair for female: Progressed Venus conjunct Sun. First marriage for young eligible bachelor - Progressed Venus sextile Ascendant, and sextile Node; Progressed Moon into H7.

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