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This will re-flash the bootloader in selected chips. Only some Arduinos are supported to run the sketch. It has been tested on a Uno, Mega2560 and Leonardo. Supported target chips are: Atmega8 (1024 bytes) Atmega168 Optiboot (512 bytes) Atmega328 Optiboot (for Uno etc. at 16 MHz) (512 bytes) Atmega328 (8 MHz) for Lilypad etc. (2048 bytes)

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But of course, the bootloader has to be able to program the chip, so there’s got to be a way in. The trick is that [Majek] has carefully modified the Arduino’s Optiboot bootloader so that it exposes a flash-write (SPM) command at a known location, so that he can then use this function from outside the bootloader.

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Optiboot eases both of these problems. The package is an alternative bootloader that runs at a higher baud rate (115200 versus 57600) and it takes up 1.5 KB less space than the stock version.

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Pre-loaded with the Arduino Optiboot (Uno 16MHz) Bootloader; ATMega328 8-Bit Processor in 28 pin DIP package; Operating voltage: 1.8v to 5v; RoHS compliant; The ATmega328 with Arduino Uno Optiboot Bootloader contains the bootloader used on the Arduino Uno, with small modifications.

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Der Optiboot Bootloader befindet sich bereits am Computer, wenn der Arduino IDE einmal installiert wurde. Ansonsten kann das HEX-File von Github heruntergeladen werden. Das benötigte File heißt "optiboot_atmega328.hex". Anschließend wird auf "Program" geklickt und das Tool fängt an, den Bootloader zu brennen.

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Nano v3.0 烧录optiboot以支持watch dog功能,给大伙参考 [复制链接] We offer a selection of Arduino-compatible microcontrollers for those who want to build their own Arduino devices. The available choices are listed in the table below with an indication of the bootloader options available.

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