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Replacing a Guide on a Fishing Rod: Quite how the first guide on this rod got to be in this state no one seems to know. It was only a cheap rod, but even so with a new guide costing £3+p&p it had to be worth trying if only for the practice.

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part's diagram & owner's manuals. reel service request form. rod service request form

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Aug 17, 2015 · The subject of rod length can lead to debate among anglers. Gary Dobyns, owner of Dobyns Rods, designs a slew of bass fishing rods. “A rod’s length should only be limited to an angler’s ability to use it,” says Dobyns, who would use a 9-foot fishing rod if bass tournaments allowed it.

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Great price on one of the highest rated inshore spinning rods at the $100 price mark. Shipping is a whopping $10... Only select models are $49.99: 7' Med-Light $49.99 7' Med - $49.99 7' Med Spl ... The higher the â pounds-testâ number on the package, the stronger the line is. Rotten-bottom or weak-link rigs come in various guises, including some simple systems sold in tackle shops. The sinker is the weight tied to the lineâ s end to take it down, and the hook is attached some inches up. Boats. Good Touch. I was thinking of an avet mxl 2speed w/ a stiff custom pole, that way I can use ...

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Walmart has recently brought back layaway during the holiday season. It is offered with no fees and a down payment of $10 or 10% (whichever is greater). Each item you put on Walmart layaway needs to be at least $15 and the total order needs to exceed $50.

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Nov 05, 2019 · The Penn Slammer 3 is one of the better quality surf fishing reels on the market, even before you consider the fact that it’s a Penn reel. When you consider the affordable price point on the Penn Slammer 3 combined with the quality and the Penn reputation, it’s a great reel to go with.

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