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Machine builders meet pressing needs for plastic in 2020 Plastics executives offer 22 takes on NPE2021 NPE2021 plans forge ahead, sees challenges shifting from May date

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Currently, all glass, plastic and metal/aluminum bottles and cans are banned from disposal in the state as part of the Massachusetts Waste Bans. This includes all beverage and food containers, and other non-toxic product containers such as detergent bottles, shampoo, aerosol cans, etc. Nearly all of these containers are made of extremely ...

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WELCOME TO THE EARTH911 RECYCLING SEARCH! With over 350 materials and 100,000+ listings, we maintain one of North America's most extensive recycling databases.

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The plastic recycling machine for sale adopts an advanced technology called pyrolysis, which can effectively convert waste plastic to oil and carbon black. So the machine can be also called plastic pyrolysis plant. Both of the end-products are useful resources and have wide applications.

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The plastic lids on soda bottles are made from a different plastic than the bottle, therefore they cannot be recycled along with the plastic bottles. It is also a good idea to remove them so this process does not have to be done at the recycling depot.

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Plastic Washing Machine. HDPE bottle-LDPE film regrinding&washing recycling line. Post-consumer PET bottles are doubtless among the most important components of the recycling market. Recycled PET can be used in a wide variety of final applications, and bring very significant financial...

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