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M&M Competition Engines Offers Custom Made Complete Sheet Metal Intake Manifolds for Any Application. - Rectangular Port, Oval Port, and Custom Billet Runner Designs All Available - INDUSTRIES ONLY TRUE ROUND TO OVAL FORMED RUNNER!! (With correct taper & cross section for your application.)

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The Commander 4.0” Windsor Intake manifold is cast with fuel injector – nitrous bosses, making conversion to EFI and or direct port nitrous an easy option. Intake ports at the manifold flange are designed to mate up to a Fel Pro intake gasket part # 1262. Just like all our manifolds the Commander 4.0 is heat treated.

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Intake Manifold Spacer 4.0l Coming! Discussion in 'Performance and Tuning' started by highaltitude, Feb 6, 2012. Hi, I am owner/operator of XTP Just wanted to get the word out about the upcoming product, Intake Manifold Spacer or most commonly called the IMS for...

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An intake manifold is a component that delivers air or an air/fuel mixture from the carburetor or throttle body to the intake ports on the engine. Intake Manifold Construction Materials and Designs. Most intake manifolds are cast from either aluminum or iron. Cast iron was the metal of choice throughout...

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Modifying your intake can make a bigger difference then you might think. When done correctly, the air flow will complement the cylinder head resulting in maximum performance. Many popular single or dual plane manifolds, on average, have losses that can equal up to 60hp!

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That manifold came with a special spacer, which IIRC, had an EGR valve attached for emission purposes. It may have been just to heat under the carb. The spacer would be approximately 3/4 to 1" thick and it will be needed unless you locate/build some type of block off plate. You may even want to consider finding a different intake manifold.

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