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nvg mount adapter shoes,pvs 7-14: 5855-01-569-7976: nvg mount adapter shoes,pvs-15,18,21: 5855-01-569-7979: nvg mount adapter shoes,pvs-15,18,21: 5855-01-569-8001: cpa conversion adapter: 5855-01-569-8020: lanyard,nvg helmet: 5855-01-569-8023: mount shroud adapter: 5855-01-569-8028: invg carriage pvs-7: 5855-01-569-8032: chin cup,nvg helmet ...

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The Photon RT includes carrying case, user manual, USB cable, spare battery container, battery container pouch and lens cloth. Photon RT 6×50 Digital Night Vision Scope Features. WiFi remote view via Pulsar Stream Vision. Built in video and sound recording. 2x digital zoom. 6 reticle options with 4 colors. Power input. One shot zero function

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Features: Heavy duty hardcoat anodized aluminum construction Dust protected lasers with AR coated window glass Precision co-aligned IR/Visible lasers IR laser beam only visible under night vision devices Selectable High-Low output power operation modes Visible red laser for daylight operations Selectable IR laser, Visible laser or IR illuminator operation Integrated momentary/permanent ...

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A greater choice than the PVS-31 which wants a lithium AA. The PVS-31 won’t work with alkaline AA batteries. The battery cap and energy knob are manufactured from steel. Based on ATN, the PS31 will run for 60 hours on a single CR123. Should you add the battery pack, which makes use of 4xCR123, you’re going to get a mixed 300 hours of steady ...

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Why is the remote control not responding? Check the following: o Remain within range of the player and point the remote control at the player. (Make sure you are directly in front of and close to the player) o Check that the battery has been correctly installed and replace it if necessary. o For dual players, check that you are using player A's ...

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AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocula uses a single military-grade image intensification tube. The optional white Phosphor Gen III tube, offers enhanced image clarity for excellent visual acuity and increased FOM for improved low-light performance. Additional features include a low battery indicator located in...

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