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After all of this stuff you would think that the front end would sound tight, NOPE! I noticed that the right inner tie rod was shot causing a rattle/rumble noise over rough pavement. Going to replace the inner tie rods now. QCMemphis Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 4/13/2004 12:06:31: RE: Front end noise over bumps IP: Logged Message:

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When the car goes over bumps it makes a popping, clicking, squeaky, rattling noise. I cannot figure out what is causing this rattling noise when the BACK tires go over bumps, It is very noticeable while Can anyone even possibly start to diagnose this noise when my car goes over a bump?

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Another cause of squeaking can be related to your level of power steering fluid. It is very typical for your car to start squealing when making a turn when your power steering fluid is low. You should check the fluid levels of many things in your car and especially the power steering fluid in this case. For me, some noise comes while in neutral going over bumps, and sometimes when I shift and press gas in 1st or 2nd. I don't think it's normal. I stayed under the car and told my brother to jump in the bed to imitate a pothole what I found that there is a play from where the drive shaft meets with the...

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Nov 23, 2018 · Clunking noise from rear when going over bumps - posted in Service & Maintenance: Hi All, I recently bought a 2017 GTR Premium and noticed a weird clunking noise coming from what seems to be the rear of the car when it goes over bumps (as if something is loose). I initially thought there might be something in the trunk moving about creating the noise however after removing everything from the ...

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Jan 05, 2007 · my car has a vibration and a rattling noise in the rear end mainly on the right side when I go over bumps but also you can hear it when there are no bumps but you can't really notice the noise unless you listen for it. also the car sways back and forth when you hit a bump and at high speeds Front end clunk noise when going over bumps. DIYkindofguy. Rattling , Clunking noise from under the car.

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