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ROS 2 is a communication layer that allows different components of a robot system to exchange information in the form of messages. A component sends a message by publishing it to a particular topic, such as /odometry. Other components receive the message by subscribing to that topic.

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The statements from rclpy.init (args=args) to publisher = node.create_publisher (String, 'sos') initialize the ROS2 Python module and create a node sos_publisher publishing to the topic sos. Did you notice the subtle differences in how this is achieved in ROS1?

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Robot Operating System (ROS) has long been one of the most widely used robotics middleware in academia and sparingly in the industry. While the huge robotics community has been contributing to new features for ROS 1 (hereafter referred to as ROS in this article) since it was introduced in 2007, the limitations in the architecture and performance led to the conception of ROS 2 which addresses ...

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Writing a simple publisher and subscriber ... Open a new terminal and source your ROS 2 installation so that ros2 commands will work. Navigate into the dev_ws directory created in a previous tutorial. Recall that packages should be created in the src directory, not the root of the workspace.

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ROS2 Library for Arduino. This library helps the Arduino board communicate with the ROS2 using XRCE-DDS. - 0.2.1 - a C package on PlatformIO - Publisher and subscribers are decoupled through topics and can be created and destroyed in any order. A message can be published to a topic even if there are no active subscribers. This example shows how to publish and subscribe to topics in a ROS 2 network.

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