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"During our conversation practice, Margaret was very patient, dynamic, interesting. She kept me motivated to speak all the time and she took the time to correct my mistakes." -Claudia, El Salvador "My vocabulary is limited so when I talk to people, I always use simple words again and again.

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Learn Russian vocabulary, phrases and words FAST with TONS of FREE lessons! Always Updated. You also get BONUS Audio Lessons here at RussianPod101.

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Though the Russian sentence is generally arranged SUBJECT-VERB-OBJECT, the grammar rules It is known that every complete sentence has a theme and a rheme. The theme is one or more words which express already known or understood information, i.e. information that is being taken for granted.

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In your Russian accent it would be I loved my big trip. It opens up and it becomes forward a little bit. For loved, loved. So try this sentence. But in your Russian accent it's got files corrupt.For Russian speakers wanting to communicate more clearly in English, learn British accent online with Lindsey and Voice Cafe's other tutors. Step 3 - Speech Rhythm, Word Stress, Sentence Stress & Intonation YELLOW: FREE trial, GREY: FULL MEMBERS area.

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Hello, I have a question about Russian accent. My parents are originally Polish but now speak English same as me but in this case English is my first... Indeed, Russian accent is much stronger than Polish, is very characteristic (for me it sounds very emphatic) and gives a language very specific...

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Today, I translate your sentences in Russian. Cyka Blyat & Vodka is Water T-Shirts ➜ Tell me in the ... Who have never heard of Russian typical accent, i think missed life hahah, because it is so ridiculous! : D All Ukrainians or ...Creative paragraph with key accent words. As the pen fell far to the floor, Amy watched it hit the linoleum. She knew she couldn't have caught that pen if Brian threw it to her from his greasy old hands. But she picked it up and wrote the directions to her house.

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